About Us

Emisphere Catering is a wholly indigenous remote site catering and integrated facilities management company; the brain child of a good food lover born out of years of food handling experience, a family history in outdoor catering and event management and a knack for an all-round intentional display of excellence. Incorporated in 2013 under the Company and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria - RC 1162136


In line with its aim of developing a world class company and ensuring provision of first rate services, Emisphere Catering has the following as its vision:

‘To become a world class catering company internationally recognized for excellence

and the preferred catering service provider for discerning clients and customers’.

Mission Statement

The ‘raison d’etre’ of Emisphere Catering is encapsulated in its mission statement:

‘To set the standards for the hospitality industry, unleash the potentials of our employees, deliver superior value to our clients

and provide world class hospitality solutions and satisfactory services to the industries, markets and communities we serve’.


Our core values are:

P - eople

E - xcellence

L - eadership

P - romoting corporate trust

I - ntegrity

T - eamwork in diversity