Discover The Secrets of Making Nigerian Soups Like A Chef

- EVEN IF you've never made them before!

With this cookbook, you don't need to consult any other materials to prepare over 20 'Nigerian soups 'that went to HARVARD!'

✔ Triple Tested Recipes

✔ Secret Techniques

✔ Measurements

✔ Timing

✔ Modern Techniques

✔ Clear & Incredibly Easy To Follow

Join 1500+ Women In and Outside Nigeria Who Have Mastered How To Make At least 20 Nigerian Soups Using My Signature Soup Cookbook (Soup-A Star) 

Do you struggle figuring out how to prepare our delicious Nigerian soups?

Does your spouse complain about your cooking?

Are you always out of ideas on what soups to prepare for your family?

Would you like to explore the soups of other tribes?

Are you tired of eating the same soups year-in-year-out?

Would you like to prepare finger licking soups WITHOUT stress?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this cookbook is for you.

This cookbook contains surprising combinations that would keep you excited about your next meals.

It is easy to use.

Contains lots of varieties

Contains clear instructions in plain English and easy steps on how to prepare delicious Eastern Soups, Western Soups, Southern Soups and Northern Soups all for your enjoyment, even if you've never made them before.

This is not one of those oyinbo cookbooks that will be telling you to use measurements like ounces and pounds that you don’t understand and even if you do, the result is always a disaster...

In this book, you will discover the secrets your favorite restaurants don't want you to know about.

Having a cookbook not only saves your time but also gives your family immense satisfaction

If you don't get results after using my recipes, you get your money back in full... and I'll ask you to keep the book for wasting your time. Simple. 

That's how confident I am about this book.

What You'll Benefit From Soup-A Star

  • 1
    You don’t have to stress about the problem of cooking tasteless soups anymore
  • 2
    It will help you save Time and Energy in the kitchen
  • 4
    You will start enjoying a variety of delicious Nigerian Soups
  • 5
    It will give you control over your cooking following Chef Emi's instructions
  • 6
    This cookbook will instantly bring back the fun in food and at the same time ensure you eat healthy Nigerian soups.

Who Is This Cookbook For?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Busy People - Working Class & People in Business
  • 4
  • 5
    Caterers & Food Business Owners

How Much Does It Cost… Or Rather – How Much Is It Worth?

That's the real question…

This cookbook is NOT for everybody. It's definitely not for people always looking for free stuff everywhere.

But if what you want is RESULTS and you're willing to pay any amount to get it, use my instructions in this book and you'll get a culinary adventure of a lifetime.

It isn't based on some shabby put together information you'll find everywhere. It's a rich crafted cookbook using decades of culinary experience.

It is based on the core philosophy of generosity, of giving to people who value quality learning experiences, and sharing from my wealth of knowledge.

It’s paired with simple, step-by-step instructions, that can be used by anyone to prepare delicious meals without the need to attend a physical culinary school where you'll cough out nothing less than ₦2.8 million.

Now hopefully you’re starting to see how powerful this book is!

If you want to go from no idea or basic knowledge to preparing great tasting soups consistently and without stress, this book is your answer.

And because this content of book is so powerful, I'm able to charge over ₦495,000 to teach the students who enroll for my online course.

But you won’t pay that if you pre-order now.

I decided to package my knowledge, expertise and experience into a book that anyone could follow at their convenient pace regardless of their schedule, In addition, I wanted to make it as accessible as possible.

Because I truly believe in you and want you to upgrade your cooking skill,

I’m placing a bet that this book will help you achieve that by giving you a crazy offer.

FOR ONLY N50,000 Naira, You will start preparing delicious Nigerian soups back to back, right from Day 1 of using this book.


cookbook ToDAY


₦50,000 / $120

You will receive your order instantly. On official book launch, the paper back will be signed & delivered to your doorstep (free of charge within Nigeria)

 Soup-A Star


The best teacher. Almost like he was there with me in person, putting me through. My food is better now and tastes great. My husbands tight lips has been loosened. He wouldn’t complain or compliment before. Now he’s filled with only compliments.


Business Woman

Wow!!! I attended the just concluded course. Despite my busy schedules, I always had the lessons and classes' experience available and my cooking skills has been greatly helped. The idea of 'be in charge' has been unconsciously registered in my subconscious mind and has helped me avoid some mistakes I have made in the past. My children's joy is a very priceless reward for the online culinary course courtesy of Chef Emi. I am glad i did.






₦50,000 / $120

You will receive your order instantly. On official book launch, the paper back will be signed & delivered to your doorstep (free of charge within Nigeria)

 Soup-A Star

This Book Is Dedicated To The Strong Women Out There.

Women home or abroad, holding down a 9 – 5 job, full-time housewives or running a business

Winning at work and at home.

Some who have young children or even older ones to attend to.

The challenge of preparing them for school, getting ready for work or business, attending to their assignments, school open day, keeping your hairdressers appointment, coming home after a hard day’s work and still keep food on the table is real...

I share your challenge and I am offering something to take the pressure & stress off you in the food department.

A good Nigerian soups cookbook sure helps to keep everyone healthy & nourished,

With this book, you don't need to consume any other materials to prepare delicious Nigerian soups for life!

Some little organization in the food and kitchen area can help you get through the clutter of the day like a 'soup-a hero' that you are.

My personal note

This is more than a book. What you're getting is a decade plus of culinary experiences condensed into a fine manuscript you can use for a lifetime.

I'm proud of the results my clients have made from this cookbook and I hope you'll get your copy and start enjoying a variety of Nigerian soups without the stress of trying to figure out how to prepare them.

What is the value of all the money in the bank if one cannot enjoy delicious soups with proper swallow?

Happiness is the real wealth!

Chef Emi

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