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Learn the faster, easier & better ways to cook Nigerian Soups and Nigerian Delicacies

Nigerian Soups - Online Course
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Do you always crave those rich and tasty Nigerian meals and soups that burst out in orgasmic flavours but you don't know how to make them?


Have you had one or more of these experiences with Nigerian meals in the past?

  • Prepared a meal that tasted great while cooking but it ended up being salty.
  • You keep getting complaints about your cooking.
  • You are tired of the regular foods... You want to learn how to make a  variety of meals.
  • Watched a video online, all fired up to reproduce the magic in your kitchen but what you got after cooking was not what your expectations ordered for.
  • Seen a recipe online, followed every step without missing anything, expecting the spoon-licker dish but got disappointed.

  • Cooked a particular Nigerian meal once, it came out so nice and you tried the next time but didn’t reproduce the same great taste.

  • Had sweaty palms because you needed to cook for guests or special people and wasn’t sure if you could cook the food perfectly.

  • You took a cooking class that didn’t turn out so well and here you are, still searching for answers.
  • You've always wanted to learn how to prepare some Nigerian meals but you don't know where to start.
If these experiences and many more have probably left you frustrated and unsatisfied, then this course is definitely for you.

The holiday seasons are coming, upgrade your cooking and surprise your family with Finger-licking soups, Nigerian delicacies, and pastries.

No more trial and errors,

No more food-rejections, food-shaming and kitchen phobia.

This course is a Nigerian mini culinary school package available online.

It's designed to save you the time and stress of attending a physical culinary school

Perfected to fit your busy schedule.

This course is for women, men, singles, or married,

Including our friends in the diaspora who want to get in tune with their rich culinary heritage and learn how to make several Nigerian soups and dishes

This course is also designed to deal with the fears and uncertainty that comes with cooking for yourself and  your family.

You Would Learn

Bitterleaf Soup

10 Nigerian Soups

In this ONLINE CULINARY COURSE, Chef Emi takes you by the hand to learn a variety of Nigerian soups from different tribes in Nigeria using triple tested methods which are understandable and easy to follow.  Afang soup, Oha soup, Efo-riro, etc.

It is fun, well structured, interactive self paced and convenient. All you have to do is follow instructions. 

30DOSFO W/ Chef Emi

10 National Meals

With Christmas and the holiday season around the corner, no better time to brush up your cooking skills. You'll learn how  to make a variety of Nigerian delicacies including Naija Party Jollof and Ofada Sauce and Fried rice.. All with accurate measurements and timing to unleash your inner chef. Enough of rice and stew everyday....


5 Pastries

Included as a bonus for the holiday season, you'll learn how to make home made bread, meat pies, egg rolls, cakes and puff-puff. Imagine the aroma of pastries wafting from your kitchen this holiday season.... Experience the joy of baking.

Soup-A Star Cookbook

Join 1500+ Women In and Outside Nigeria Who Have Mastered How To Make At least 20 Nigerian Soups Using My Signature Soup Cookbook (Soup-A Star)

What Our Students Are Saying:

Ebinenye - Business Woman

Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Grace Japhlet - Publisher, Writer & Editor

Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Ibiere Brown - Civil Servant

Chef Emi 30DOSFO


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Original Course Fee: N994,000

Well, if you're thinking about options, I'll tell you this for free, you would not get this same value anywhere, especially if you want to see actual improvements in your cooking and not blow your hard earned money away... 

Imagine enjoying hot Nigerian delicacies made from your very own kitchen anytime you like...

If you're thinking about the amount, lemme ask you,

How much can you place on the value of a skill you'll have for a lifetime that can even make you money as a side hustle? 


Do I have to buy any materials and ingredients before I start?

No, you do not need to be under any pressure to buy anything. Also, if you would like to get any of the ingredients, we are available to help you.

I'm a busy person, what if I don't have time?

We understand that our students might be busy with work, life, family or just be stuck somewhere in traffic, so the course is created in such a way that it is self paced.

You don't have to be under any pressure to be live online all the time. When you're back online, you'll have full access to the class and you won't miss anything.

Would I gain anything from this online course?

You will see results. This is a guarantee! Well, except you sit on your hands and do nothing... Some of our students felt this way also, but today, they are bold to testify. Feel free to watch their video testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Does the offer end?

Unfortunately, every good thing has an end and so does this special offer. It closes once the 5 spots are taken.

How do I register?

Press the "Register Now" button and make payment. After payment, you would be enrolled automatically. If you encounter any difficulties, send a mail to [email protected]

How long is this training?

This training is 4 Weeks long and packed with so much value.

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