A Collection Of Exciting, Whole & Filling Meals

✔ Breakfast plan for 1 Year

✔ Lunch plan for 1 Year

✔ Dinner plan for 1 Year

✔ Daily fruit plan for 1 Year

This 1 Year meal plan is in use by over 1000 families, it also includes printable worksheets for optional or additional customization.

Do you struggle figuring out what to eat or cook exactly?

Are you always out of ideas on what to prepare for your family?

Are you tired of eating the same things week-in-week-out?

Would you like to achieve your fitness goals WITHOUT starving or giving up on your beloved favourite meals?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this meal plan is for you.

This meal plan contains surprising combinations that would keep you excited about your next meals.

It is easy to use.

Contains lots of varieties

It can be used for a whole year.

Say goodbye to the stress of thinking of what to cook (or eat) every day

This is not one of those complex meal plans that will be confusing you with calorie counting, portion control that doesn't work, funny "before - after" pictures, and telling you to buy stuff you don’t regularly see in your local market...

What You'll Benefit From This Meal Plan

  • 1
    You don’t have to stress about the problem of what you will cook and eat anymore
  • 2
    It will help you save Money
  • 3
    You will have a greater chance of actually achieving your health goals
  • 4
    You will start enjoying a variety of meals
  • 5
    It will give you control over your eating habits
  • 6
    Has your doctor recommended certain meals? This Meal Plan will instantly bring back the fun in food and at the same time ensure you eat healthy whole meals.

Having a meal plan not only saves your waistline but also improves your health

Not knowing what to prepare everyday is exhausting both physically and emotionally.

I don't care whether you're single or married, it causes loss of appetite and anxiety.

Who Is This Meal Plan For?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Busy People - Working Class & People in Business
  • 4

And maybe you're thinking...

“ I can draw up a decent meal plan for 1 year myself...

Well good for you if you can, but if you are being honest, you will agree with me that there are times when you stare at your meal plan but you find it difficult to follow it.  

No new ideas, no inspiration nothing…. Just your normal everyday boring meals and a blank head.

And on those days a little inspiration will not be bad right…?

You do not have to pay $200 or $54 to get this.

Because we want to see everyone live stress free, 

we pegged this much needed 1 Year Meal Plan solution at $27 today.




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I started paying particular attention to my health this year after an unexpected health discovery which made me panic A LOT, but this book by Chef Emi has been super helpful. It is 100% recommended.  My eating habits have improved. But not just that, my health actually got significantly better and my family enjoys a variety of meals now. Goodbye to unhealthy snacking everyday.



I was frustrated with thinking of what to eat after the days job. It seemed like no mater what I did or planned, I was eventually going to eat noodles, bread, or rice lol. I thought there was nothing more to food until I got your book. Every day I take a look at the meal plan, I get excited and look forward to my next meal. What you put together in there is magic.






Price goes up tomorrow!

You wil get your order instantly

If you encounter any issues with payment, or have any questions, contact our support team on [email protected]

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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This Book Is Dedicated To The Strong Women Out There.

Women holding down a 9 – 5 job, full-time housewives or running a business.

Winning at work and at home.

Some who have young children or even older ones to attend to.

The challenge of preparing them for school, getting ready for work or business, attending to their assignments, school open day, keeping your hairdressers appointment, coming home after a hard day’s work and still keep food on the table is real...

I share your challenge and I am offering something to take the pressure & stress off you in the food department.

A good Family Meal Plan sure helps to keep everyone healthy & nourished,

Some little organization in the food and kitchen area can help you get through the clutter of the day like a super hero that you are.

My personal note

I'm proud of the results my clients have made from this meal plan and I hope you'll get your copy and start enjoying a variety of meals without the stress of trying to figure out what to eat every day.

What is the value of all the money in the bank if you cannot enjoy it?

Health is the real wealth!

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