What If You Had Access To A Tested & Realistic 1 Year Nigerian Meal Plan To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal Naturally?

Whether your goal is to:
  • Drop a dress size
  • Lose post-partum weight
  • Burn belly fat
My NEW 1 Year Nigeria Meal Plan has got you covered.

Introducing 'What To Eat In A Day' - A Nigerian Meal Plan for Natural Weight Loss (for 1 year)

  • Chef-selected Breakfast Plan for 1 year
  • Chef-selected Lunch Plan for 1 year
  • Chef-selected Dinner Plan for 1 year
  • Chef-selected Fruit/snacks Plan for 1 year

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This evergreen 30 day meal plan for weight loss was carefully designed by Chef Emi - to be used for a whole year conveniently.

Hi, I'm Emiloju Ibironke (otherwise known as Chef Emi).

Can we be real for a second?

Losing weight shouldn't have to be hard and boring - where you follow restrictive diets that are unrealistic and super-hard to maintain. 

News flash:  You can eat healthy Nigerian meals and STILL lose a lot of weight

It all boils down to making lifestyle changes and sticking to a healthy meal plan that you truly enjoy and can follow consistently.

That's why I created this 1 Year Meal Plan to help anyone trying to balance weight loss and love of delicious & healthy Nigerian food.

Each meal was carefully handpicked and tested to get you the best possible result.

Chef Emi 30DOSFO

I have been following Chef Emi's Meal Plan for a little over a month now. I am making steady progress, so far just 2.5 kg in about a month but I am quite good especially the feeling of lightness I feel. Loosing 5 to 7kg will be a big deal for me as it will  launch me into weighing under 100kg, which is a feat I have not achieved in years.

Jumoke Adegoro, Lagos State

I started using your Meal Plan about 3 weeks ago and I am noticing the difference in my body already. It is amazing to eat your country food in a healthy way and still enjoy it.

Chinyere Okafor, Abuja

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the meals in your meal plan repetitive, complicated and time consuming? 

Absolutely not! The meals contained in my one-year meal plan are simple, healthy and delicious.  This evergreen 30 day meal plan for weight loss was carefully designed by Chef Emi - to be used for a whole year conveniently.

Are these meals safe for a nursing mother or new mom?

Yes, these meals are safe for nursing moms and moms to be. 

Can I find all of the food ingredients at a local market?

YES! I deliberately handpicked meals that you can easily shop for at your local market. You won't find any hard-to-find ingredients.  

I hate eating the same things over and over again. Does your meal plan offer a variety of meal options?

Yes the meal plan is non repetitive and can be used for a whole year. You definitely will be enjoying a variety of very exciting meal options. 

Is there someone I can contact if I ever have questions?

Absolutely! You can also reach our support team on [email protected] with any questions.

Yes! I Want Access To 'What To Eat In A Day' Meal Plan eBook.

Get The Ebook at ₦12,980 ₦6490 (50% New Year Discount Today ONLY)

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