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  • Do you struggle with figuring out what to eat everyday? 😭
  • Do you run out of ideas on what to prepare for your family? ☹️
  • Do you grow tired of eating the same meals week-in-week-out? 😔
  • Do you wish to commit to eating healthy (aka fit fam gang) without starving or feeling restricted in your meal choices? 😫

If you answered YES to any of these questions...

Then I Want To Send You My 1-Year Meal Plan At 50% Discount 

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Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Hi, I'm Chef Emiloju, founder of Emisphere Foods.

After over 15 years of catering professionally to corporate clients (such as Shell, Access Bank, Total, etc.) and helping thousands of students upgrade their cooking skills, my inbox/DM still gets bombarded every single day with this particular question:

"Chef Emi - how do I plan what to eat everyday".

Having spoken to hundreds of women just like you, I truly understand how frustrating the feeling of not knowing what to eat can be.

That's EXACTLY why I created my 1-year meal plan - to help YOU finally solve all your meal planning problems.

Imagine that right at the moment hunger hits, you simply check your meal plan for the next delicious and healthy meal to eat.

No more feeling “hangry”...No more stress...No more grabbing whatever food you set your eyes on.

And in case you're wondering, this is NOT one of those generic meal plans that include food items that you won't find at your local Nigerian market. Every food item in my 1 year meal plan was handpicked by me and can be easily made at home.

50% Discount Is ONLY Valid Today.

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