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Cook Delicious Meals Consistently

You'll Learn the faster, easier & better ways to cook Nigerian Soups, Nigerian delicacies, CONTINENTAL CUISINES and pastries without stress, from the comfort of your home, at your convenient time

Chef Emi

Chef Emi

Some years ago, I had this female colleague,

Casey, who had just gotten married to an offshore worker.

Two weeks after their wedding ceremony, her husband had to go back offshore urgently...

It was my hobby discussing food and food experiences with my other food enthusiast colleagues during our spare time.

My love for cooking couldn't be disguised, at all.

On one of those occasions, she tried to join our food conversation.

Well, she would most likely read this... but I'll continue my gist anyway

Casey mentioned that she decided to prepare bitter-leaf soup for her husband over the weekend,

and that she spent plenty money buying all manner of stock fish, Goat meat, assorted meat and dry fish,

those big ones that are brought in from Kogi State.

I was at the edge of my seat and excited!

We kept listening...

She said she could not even eat the meat from the soup when she was done cooking because it was extremely bitter.

She followed all the steps online but it ended up a disaster.

She had to go to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

When her husband came home from the Rig later that day,

she served him and hid by a corner quietly watching his reaction on the dinning table as he ate…

He struggled with it, stared at the food for some seconds, shook his head in disappointment, washed his hands and stood up.

I looked at my other colleague, we both shook our heads and burst into laughter.

You wan kee person pikin?

Casey was unhappy and felt inadequate because she felt her husband should at least enjoy some home made food especially now that he's back in town.

We had a good laugh. Later that week, I gave her some of my soup recipes and put her through.

She's still grateful till today.

Yes, Casey! You're welcome...

If every time you hear the word "Cook" your heart skips a beat... like you're about to have a mini heart attack!

I want to circumvent all that heartache for you…

If you have ever felt inadequate with your cooking skill,

or you just want to learn new methods of cooking,

or learn and master other meals, particularly those of other tribes,

or to make a variety of meals instead of the monotonous Nigerian menu,

or upgrade your cooking without the stress and high fees of going to a culinary school combined with work, business, family and mehn, traffic,

your breakthrough is here.


if your spouse always complains about your cooking,

and it's almost becoming an issue affecting your relationship,

worry no more, help is here.

Emisphere Culinary Academy - Online,
is the SOLUTION to this problem.

In this course, you will learn how to prepare tongue biting meals back-to-back, and experience foodgasms for life.

See ehn, your heart cannot be doing jimjim for Jollof rice 

Your confidence level will hit the roof after this course

This course is for you if you have a strong desire to upgrade your cooking skills,

but you do not have 8 months of your life to sacrifice just to attend a traditional physical culinary school

or even afford the high fees involved.

Issssssh! Even if you could afford 5 million naira for a traditional physical culinary school,

the idea sounds like getting a 3rd degree to you.

But you're tired of not living up to expectation,

especially when it comes to preparing delicious meals...

You only serve drinks and biscuits to your guests to prevent embarrassments,

because you're always afraid that your cooking will turn out a disaster..

You dislike entering the kitchen

After taking this course,

your family will begin to look in awe at your transformation

You'd enjoy the value and the pride in receiving compliments from your spouse, kids, clients

and hosting friends and family at home to delicious delicacies prepared by you would be a thing of joy.

You would be proud of yourself and your cooking

You will become An Overnight Cook

This online course was carefully designed to help you become great at cooking without stress.

Don't be scared of trying again

You would learn step-by-step, how to prepare soups from the different geographical regions of Nigeria,

National meals including Fried rice, Jollof rice, Ofada and Ayamase sauce, Tomato stew etc.



I have created this course and tailored it specifically for you.

It is fun, easy, convenient and interactive.

You will see results.
Well, except you sit on your hands and do nothing...

You might have searched online for "How to cook this... and how to cook that..." almost a million times,

but the search shows lots of recipes and you end up being even more confused.

Maybe you've spent countless hours watching YouTube....

What the guuruuus won't tell you is that-

they are doing those fancy videos that contain ZERO helpful techniques just for the money Youtube pays them everytime you watch their videos.

Dem dey use you cash out... 

Or maybe you're single and ready but you're wondering, who did you offend?

Is this the reason why hunku hasn't popped the question?

You don't know...

You're sick and tired of asking yourself if you're good enough...

It worries you, it stresses you. You avoid cooking because of this.

Quite frankly, you don't care anymore

But EVERYTIME you hear the word COOK, your heart skips a beat...

Like you're about to have a mini heart attack


I'm here to help you

Once you sign up, you'll feel a sense of relief.

Over 700 people have taken this course and have been certified in the last 12 months.

Maybe like some of my students before they signed up for this course,

you've spent good money taking courses from the so called guuruuus,

bombarded with so much information that you could not even keep up,

You did your assignments under pressure, but at the end of the day, you learnt nothing...

It was just as if you wasted your money because you did not even see any improvement...

You were disappointed and you almost vowed not to do any online course again

Look, I'm here to help you and you would see results just like my students.

It's time to upgrade your cooking and surprise your family with Finger-licking soups, Nigerian delicacies, and pastries.

No more trial and errors

No more complaints about your cooking.

No more food-rejections, food-shaming

No more kitchen phobia.

This course is a culinary school package available online.

It's designed to save you the time and stress of attending a physical culinary school.

And of course, save you money.

Perfected to fit your busy schedule.

Who Is This Course For?

This online course is for MOMS, FOODPRENEURS, SINGLES, and MARRIED,

Including anyone who wants to switch career...

This course is designed to deal with the fears and uncertainty that comes with cooking for yourself, your family or launching your food business.

It is fun, well structuredinteractive, self paced and convenient.

It starts at 8pm daily and it’s for a duration of about 1 hour daily.

You don’t have to worry about timing.

We understand that you might be at work, in traffic, with family or engaged in other life activities…

So we created the course in such a way that you don’t have to be live online every evening,

anytime when you’re back online, you’ll have FULL ACCESS and you wont miss anything.

It puts you under no form of pressure.

You do not have to buy anything upfront or worry about buying items.

You’ll get Practical steps to achieve your desired cooking results (you will learn precise ingredients, timing and processes)

Imagine getting praises and compliments every time you cook for your family...

For some of our students, their culinary transformation happened so fast that they had to scold their kids from asking for more...

Some got amazing gifts from their spouse... This could be you also.

Some foodpreneurs have recorded more daily patronage base because their food now tastes better.

If you’re looking to rapidly upgrade your cooking or kick start your food business... this course will blow your socks off.

The Problem Is Not That You Don't know How To Cook,

You Just Haven't Found Someone To Show You The Secret Techniques

With this course, You will get consistent results in your cooking, get confident in the kitchen and start receiving compliments...

Inside this course, you would learn

Nigerian Soups - Online Course

12 Nigerian Soups

In this ONLINE CULINARY COURSE, Chef Emi takes you by the hand to learn a variety of Nigerian soups from different tribes in Nigeria using triple tested methods which are understandable and easy to follow.  Afang soup, Oha soup, Efo-riro, etc.

It is fun, well structured, interactive self paced and convenient. All you have to do is follow my instructions. 

30DOSFO W/ Chef Emi

10 National Meals

With the other holidays around the corner, no better time to brush up your cooking skills. You'll learn how  to make a variety of Nigerian delicacies including Fried rice, Naija Party Jollof, Ofada Sauce, Tomato Stew, Ewa Agonyin, etc. All with accurate measurements and timing to unleash your inner master chef. No more rice and stew every day.

10 Continental Dishes

Travel the world with your family from your dinning table, savoring tasty meals from the different continents of the world without a VISA. Enough of the regular, it's a good thing to be able to enjoy a variety of new, rich and delicious continental meals made from your very kitchen. Chef Emi takes you by the hand once again to learn a variety of Continental cuisine using methods which are understandable, quick and easy to follow.

30DOSFO W/ Chef Emi

10 Pastries

Included as a bonus, you'll learn how to make home made bread, meat pies, egg rolls, basic cake baking, and puff-puff. Imagine the aroma of pastries wafting through your house and whetting the appetite of your family members and even neighbors, tantalizing right?

Nigerian Meal Plan Book

30 Day Meal Plan

A Collection Of Healthy, Whole and Filling Nigerian Meals. You don’t have to stress yourself about what you will cook anymore. You will have a greater chance of actually achieving your health goals. It will give you control over your eating habits and also help you save money. Now, you'll have a plan for what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.


A Customised Diet Plan

Cooking for special diet needs doesn't have to be stressful anymore. We have this covered also.

A Certificate of Completion

(Value $997)

Upon due completion of the course with attempts & fulfilling the requirements, you'll get a Certificate of Completion.

Lifetime Access To The Course For Reference Purpose (Value $14,000)

You'll get lifetime access to the course to make reference anytime you wish, at no extra charge.

Student's Testimonials

Let me show you what people like you that signed up for the course are saying.

More Testimonials...

Emisphere Foods. Emisphere Catering. Testimonial.
Emisphere Foods. Emisphere Catering. Testimonial.
Emisphere Foods. Emisphere Catering. Testimonial.
Emisphere Foods. Emisphere Catering. Testimonial.
money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't see results, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after you sign up. If you have any issues, just chat me up and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Here's another thing...

Please note that this course is both FUN and INTERACTIVE. You will see results IF you follow my simple instructions. But if what you're looking for is mere entertainment and not improvements in your cooking, close this page NOW.

You can choose to continue cooking tasteless meals, getting complaints and wasting money up and down on courses and YouTube videos that feed you with lots of information but no results,

OR sign up for this course and smile while you receive numerous compliments from your spouse, family and customers.

The course is simple to follow.

No fake recipes...

Many chefs don't reveal their real recipes but on this course, you'll be getting my triple tested recipes. No hits and misses.

Your transformation will be so sudden that your family will start looking at you in awe.

Student's Video TEstimonial

more bonuses

  • One on one coaching sessions - (Value 379,000)

  • One on one strategy session on how to start and develop your home food business and make money - (Value 350,000)

  • Additional 1 year of FREE support and access to Chef Emi to guide you till you get it - personally - (Nobody offers free consultation on this but you get it free if you sign up today) (Value N3,000,000)

Once you get a hold of the truths I teach in this course and apply it

You’ll be on your way to making delicious meals at will.

But it is NOT for everyone…

If you are –

– Looking for entertainment or

– A magic wand that does all the work for you, while you sit back and do nothing

– A freeloader, who likes to get something for nothing and cannot invest money into purchasing resources that add value to your family or business

Then stay away. I refuse and I’m not willing to help you, because what I teach won’t work for you.

This is for action takers, who want to upgrade their culinary skills for life – and are willing to pay any price for it

If you fit into the last category I just described, then come with me let’s talk about the price for the training.

How Much Does It Cost… Or Rather – How Much Is It Worth?

That was the real question…


Instead, it is based on the core philosophy of generosity. Of giving people massive value, owning a niche, becoming an Authority, and sharing from my wealth of knowledge.

It’s paired with simple, step-by-step instructions, that can be used by anyone to prepare delicious meals without the need to attend a physical culinary school.

Now hopefully you’re starting to see how powerful this course is!

From no idea to literally making great tasting meals consistently and without stress, THE COOKING WITHOUT TEARS COURSE is your answer.


I’ve even taught this strategies in group coaching sessions for N800,000 per 1 hour session.


Ebinenye - Business Woman

Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Ibiere Brown - Civil Servant


Let me ask you again:

What is this course worth to you?

A course that can help you –

  • Prepare lots of super-rich tasting meals for yourself and enjoy delicious meals with your family.

  • Add value to yourself and your family.

  • Save yourself from the frequent complaints you receive from your spouse.

  • Save time watching tons of confusing Youtube videos that does not help you

  • Live your dream and best life and become more skilled and a better version of you?

  • Become confident in your cooking that everyone gives you compliments.

  • Save your money from ordering soup bowls.

  • Transform yourself into an overnight cook, and set you in a position where you never have to worry about the outcome of your cooking again.

It’s got to be worth a lot to you, I guess.

It should be expensive.

At the barest minimum, we should price this for N5,000,000.

But you won’t pay that if you sign up now.

Because I truly believe in you and want you to upgrade your cooking skill,

I’m placing a bet that this course will help you achieve that by offering you an 80% discount.

And I decided to package my knowledge and experience into a course that anyone could follow, at their own pace, I wanted to make it as accessible as possible.



Get This Culinary Course for Just N997,000 ($2,000)

N997,000 | Retail: N5M | Save 80%

Only 10 Slots Available »

Also — if you’re amongst the first 5 to sign up for The THE COOKING WITHOUT TEARS COURSE today you’ll stand a chance for some exclusive bonuses:


The Culinary Camp: Community of other cooking enthusiasts like you to learn from and network with. Valued $5,000

Lifetime Access To The Course For Reference Purpose You'll get lifetime access to the course to make reference anytime you wish, at no extra charge - Valued $14,000

A Certificate of Completion

Is This For You?

Now listen, if you haven’t enrolled yet,

I really want to talk to you because, as great as this course is,

I understand it’s absolutely not for everybody.

I really want you to be sure this is right for you when you enroll today

That’s why we should take a minute and just go through the pros and cons of what we’re about to do together.

The pros are it’s a proven course,

My students have been using it.


I have over a decade of experience on this. I know what works, I know what doesn’t.

Another pro to this is you don’t need to buy any materials upfront (like I explained earlier)

Another pro is that you won’t need to spend a ton of money like you would on a traditional culinary course.

You don’t need to be at a physical location to learn.

You don’t need to have any previous knowledge about cooking any of the meals (because this is a practical course and I have clearly outlined the techniques),

You don’t need to worry about timing because the course is self-paced.

Listen, it’s not all roses, not everything’s perfect in this.

For example, I admit this isn’t the cheapest thing in the world.


“This is an expensive training (for some).”

Also, this is going to take a pretty significant investment of time for you to practice what you have learnt at home.

We have an investment of money & time and it’s not overnight.

You have to work pretty hard to do this.

"If you don’t have the time to prepare the meals subsequently, it’s not going to be of any benefit to you.”

Of course, there’s also always the question of, “What if it doesn’t work for me?”

Well, even though it has worked for over 700 people,

fact of the matter is it might not work for you...

If you’re not willing to make the attempts,

if you’re not willing to learn, if you’re not willing to follow directions,

if you’re not willing to stick through the inevitable challenges,

it definitely won’t work for you and you shouldn’t enroll.

Well, you know, if after looking at all of this and if it looks like this makes sense to you.

Then you really need to go ahead and enroll in the training today

and don’t forget we’ve got bonuses and the offer is going to expire.

Click the button below to get instant access now »

Get This Culinary Course for Just N997,000 ($2,000)

N997,000 | Retail: N5M | Save 80%

Only 10 Slots Available »

Is It Worth The Price?...

A lot of people tell me it is expensive.

Yeah I get it. It is.

Let’s fast forward a year from now and assume you’ve been following along and you actually implemented the techniques.

Your cooking is totally transformed..

You now get more deliciously tasting meals than you can enjoy alone with your family – you had to invite your friends over

and you’ve been able to permanently end your cooking worries with a flow of endless compliments from your spouse

How would that feel?

Well if you divide N997,000 by a year. It’s just N2,731 a day.

What’s more important?

  • N2731 or being able to prepare tons of super-rich tasting meals for yourself and your family?

  • N2731 or making more money in a month (from your food business) than most people make in a year?

  • N2731 or the ease of preparing finger licking soups, stews, meals and becoming a more skilled and better version of you?

  • N2731 or the incredible pride you feel, knowing that you took control of your life and upgraded yourself?

Hey, if I need to, I’ll even send you a cheque for N2731 to cover your first day if it’s that big of a deal to you.

Why? Because N2731 is nothing. I’m not going to miss it and neither would you;

But, if that’s what it takes to help you get the results you deserve,

I’ll have it on your doorstep tomorrow. Just call or email after you’ve enrolled and I’ll send it through FedEx.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below to get instant access to the training

Get This Culinary Course for Just N997,000 ($2,000)

N997,000 | Retail: N5M | Save 80%

Only 10 Slots Available »


Do I have to buy any materials and ingredients before I start?

No, you do not need to be under any pressure to buy anything.

I'm a busy person, what if I don't have time?

We understand that our students might be busy with work, life, family or just be stuck somewhere in traffic, so the course is created in such a way that it is self paced.

You don't have to be under any pressure to be live online all the time. When you're back online, you'll have full access to the class and materials, and you won't miss anything.

Would I gain anything from this online course?

You will see results. This is a guarantee! Well, except you sit on your hands and do nothing... Some of our students felt this way also, but today, they are bold to testify. Feel free to watch their video testimonials.

How do I register?

Press the "Register Here" button and make payment. Immediately after payment, you would be enrolled automatically. If you prefer to make payment via bank transfer, send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 08062291862

Will it be different from the usual videos on YouTube?

Anybody can post videos on YouTube (for revenue on video views - Shhhhhhhhhh! Things they never tell you), but not everyone cares to give you the techniques you actually need to make that spoon licker dish and hold you by the hand till you actually get it.

You might have even watched several YouTube videos, only to discover that you're now more confused. 

And the video cannot answer your questions...

On our courses, you get triple tested methods and recipes.. Our instructions are so clear, a 12 year old can follow through to get the same great results.

You also get the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification 24/7 as we guide you till you get it.

Little wonder why our students TESTIFY. 

How long is this training?

This training is for 30 days with 1 year of FREE access to Chef Emi 247 to guide and coach you.

Does the offer end?

Unfortunately, every good thing has an end and so does this special offer.

When does the course start?

Course starts 3 days after payment is made.

Get This Culinary Course for Just N997,000 ($2,000)

N997,000 | Retail: N5M | Save 80%

Only 10 Slots Available »

More Testimonials...

Chef Emi 30DOSFO


Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Grace Japhlet - Publisher, Writer & Editor

Chef Emi 30DOSFO


Chef Emi 30DOSFO

Peace - Nurse

Get This Culinary Course for Just N997,000 ($2,000)

N997,000 | Retail: N5M | Save 80%

Only 10 Slots Available »

Chef Emi

Who Is Your Chef Instructor?

Emiloju, popularly known as Chef Emi, is the founder of Emisphere Catering and Emisphere Foods.

Emisphere, a world class industrial catering and food services company incorporated under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, in 2013.

Joy is the inspiration behind all that he does; It's the driving force behind his pursuit of excellence.

He delights in infusing each experience with unforgettable blissful aromas, textures and colours,

and seasoning each affair with warm little touches of artistry and flawless service for each person he serves.

He also has the gift of teaching, it gives him joy, and he has an infinite level of patience with his students.

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